Nyanji gets of the bus here and walks a mountain path for approximately 2 hours. On this road one can often here the voice of a cow, a sheep or a bird.


There is no electricity or running water here. Nothing but wind, water, plants, soil and the natural sounds of nature that can be found here. There is a deep sense of calmness and peace.

←The Mazoe River flowing through the neighborhood. One can sometimes find a hippopotamus. It is the place where the family of Nyanji comes to bathe with soap towels.

The ladscape is dotted with mushroom-like structures. They belong to Nyanji's family. Some are the rooms of his sons and daughters while the biggest is the kitchen. There is also a fence for cows and a fence for sheep. In addition there is a restroom and a small bath.

Sponsa and Zibi, watchdogs.
Taking a daytime nap.

In the evenings Nyanji's wife uses a mallet to make powdered corn. Fire is then put on the hearth of the kitchen and water is poured into a large pan in preparation for supper.
She dissolves the powdered corn in the pan and boils it to make "Sadza," a Zimbabwean staple food.They also often make fried spinach, or "rape," as a side dish with which they eat sazda. However, the wild rabbit which a son had captured for us was prepared as supper today. After a long time now seeing each other, we conversed over Zimbabwean raw sake called "Chibuku".

← Chibuku

The meal was over and we were a bit drunk from the chibuku. Nyanji begins to play mbira.

Children jump around a bottom of the starlit sky, an open-air fire and dance.

When a person's five senses are connected with nature, they can connect with the cosmos. I felt on my way there. When I relax at this spot my existence becomes one with the world around me and poles of opposition dissolve into nothingness. When the daytime sun shines brightly here, I imagination and dream.

What this scene teaches is very simple. In concerns the "future for a child." A child should not learn everything from an adult but from personal experience. This can be realized when watching the children so pleased to dancing and singing around Nyanji's home. This fantastic experience is etched into my memory.

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